Meet The Team


The AgWIP team is comprised of water professionals and economists from Colorado State University, Albany State University, University of Delaware, and Johns Hopkins University with extensive experience engaging the public with academic research results relevant to agricultural production and natural resource management. 

About Us


Jordan Suter

Jordan Suter is an Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at Colorado State University. His research program investigates the economic and behavioral factors that drive land and water use and the implications they have for the management of these important resources. 


Kent D. Messer

Kent D. Messer is the S. Hallock DuPont Professor of Applied Economics in the Department of Applied Economics & Statistics and the director of the Center for Experimental & Applied Economics at the University of Delaware. Messer applies behavioral science and experimental economics to problems in the agriculture and environment nexus. 


Paul J. Ferraro

 Paul J. Ferraro is the Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Business and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. Grounded in the behavioral sciences, his research focuses on the design and empirical evaluation of environmental programs and on the policy applications of behavioral economics and psychology research. 


Mark Masters

  Mark Masters is the Director of the Georgia Water Planning and Policy Center at Albany State University. Over the past decade, he has managed over $15 million in research and outreach projects focused on agricultural water use, river basin planning and the regional impacts of alternative water policies. 


Aaron Hrozenick

 Aaron Hrozencik is a PhD. candidate in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at Colorado State University.  Aaron's Dissertation research explores non-linear energy pricing, technology adoption, and conservation in the context of agricultural water use.  Broadly, his research interests lie in understanding how individuals and firms interact with and utilize natural resources.